By Paul Lalonde

I’ve been on an exciting journey since launching Lalonde Muller Digital Strategies in 2018. Writing, creative design and technology — those parts of the job I love. And as an endlessly curious person, I love working with different organizations and learning about their work and industry sectors. 

Sometimes the seemingly mundane stuff turns out to be fascinating.  

I once read an article encouraging young people to tackle their jobs with enthusiasm, even when the sector or product seems boring. The article talked excitedly about someone working for a car dashboard manufacturer and putting in the effort to become the “expert in dashboards” by knowing everything about their features, materials, qualities and benefits. 

Of course, I’m not necessarily young. I’m more of an “opsimath” — a Greek term for someone who begins study late in life. Better late than never! 

Eavesdrop on my working day and you’ll overhear conversations about the ways: 

  • Artificial Intelligence changes call centres operations 
  • First responder organizations use mental health programs to help manage job stress
  • Specialized factory presses — the size of transport trucks! — form, print and cut cardboard boxes for refrigerators
  • Financial analysts use complicated algorithms to create investment strategies 
  • Families make choices about caring for ageing relatives 

And that’s just the beginning! 

It’s gratifying keeping your mind open to new information, then adjusting, adding and honing your perspectives. 

Then we get to write about them, take photographs, create artistic graphics, write memorable taglines. It’s great stuff. 

Our eBook provides insights I’ve gathered along the way. 

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